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Our Story

We Tell Stories.

We're passionate about the hard thought out work of finding, capturing, and explaining stories. Every part of the process - connecting, pre-production, filming, and editing - is our passion and we love each one because each one is unique.

Silver Lining Productions - Stories Told Well


Ben McCain's Story

"Eight years ago, I was given my first ever wedding cinematography gig and I loved it. It's such an amazing and unique way of capturing the day. Creating a piece of art that you will love and remember forever. Each wedding has a beautiful story to be told, this is why we love shooting weddings."


"I want to tell great stories, I want to inspire people by telling the stories of extraordinary people, places and events"   

What We Believe

  We at Silver Lining Productions only provide service to traditional weddings (man / male and woman / female). Silver Lining Productions will only be hired for a traditional marriage.


"To God be the glory."
Silver Lining Productions
Specializing In Storytelling.
Telling Stories Well.



Nashville, TN


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