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We Tell Stories.

We're passionate about the hard thought out work of finding, capturing, and explaining stories. Every part of the process - connecting, pre-production, filming, and editing - is our passion and we love each one because each one is unique.

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Benjamin H M's Story


 "I never would have known how much I love cinematography had I not gained a knee injury. Film making became my "crutch" after being injured in one of the biggest games of the TSSAA soccer season. As time passed and my knee wasn't getting better, I got a job for a video production company. After staying there only one year, I spread my eager wings to fly solo."   


"Six years ago, I was given my first ever wedding cinematography gig and I loved it. It's such an amazing and unique way of capturing the day. Creating a piece of art that you will love and remember forever. Each wedding has a beautiful story to be told, this is why we love shooting weddings."


What We Believe

  We at Silver Lining Productions believe and hold strongly to the Biblical truth of marriage between man and woman. Therefore we only capture traditional marriages.


"To God be the glory."
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